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These short videos offer just a small sample of DeLora’s offerings and teaching style.

Low Back Pain

Some quick things you can do to help with lower back pain and stiffness

Seated Alignment for Low Back Problems

You can do this with a towel and use this same trick in the car or in your office chair.

Therapeutic Movement for Lower Back Problems

This is one of the many things DeLora can help you with in her private therapeutic movement appointments. Click here to book an appointment for your lower back pain!

Upper Back Pain and Stress

Use these tricks on your work breaks or any time you have upper back tension, pain and increased stress.

Free Your Shoulder Blades

Awesome short exercise you can do to loosen your shoulders and upper back after a long sit at your computer or in your car.

Free Your Ribcage and Relax Through Easier Breathing

Tension is most noticeable in the shoulders and upper back, but also collects in the muscles around your ribcage. That leads to shallow breathing and an increase in the stress and anxiety chemicals in your blood stream. By opening your rib cage and getting easier, deeper breath, you change your blood chemistry and lower stress!

Making Space for the Breath

Continuing on the theme above!

Relaxation Breath

Ok, you might feel a bit silly doing this one at your desk, but it really works! And would you believe it will help relax your hips too? True story!

Postpartum Wellness

Slow Squats

Slow squats are a safe way to tone the for pelvic floor, core, and legs.

Hip Circles

Another great exercise for Postpartum Wellness!

For more information on Postpartum Wellness and Rebuilding after Birth go to:

Hill Country Yoga Austin Texas - Rebuild After Birth for pelvic floor health and postpartum wellness through therapeutic movement and yoga