Yoga Opportunities with DeLora

Hillcountryoga Austin Texas - Yoga opportunities with DeLora

DeLora’s Austin area yoga offerings include public classes you can attend, private classes offered for individuals and groups, specialized yoga training, and therapeutic yoga. She offers hatha yoga, yoga for mom/caregivers with crawlers and toddlers, prenatal Hill Country Yoga Austin Texas - DeLora's Yoga Offeringsyoga, postnatal yoga for moms and babies, yoga for kids, baby massage classes (Baby Love), and birth education classes.

DeLora is a gifted teacher who brings far more than just movement into your life. DeLora creates community for parents and parents-to-be with a wisdom and acceptance you won’t find in most classes! This is why she mentors yoga teachers, helping them modify their styles and teaching methods to bring the spirit of yoga to their classes as well as the asanas!

DeLora’s Teaching Schedule

Click on the link above to see DeLora’s current class schedule and a number of studios in the Austin area.

Yoga for Mom/Dad/Caregiver and Crawlers/Toddlers Yoga

How do you take care of yourself while caring for a baby, toddler, or crawler? Incorporate them into your yoga classes! Click here to find out more about the benefits and opportunities for taking a yoga class with your kiddo. [Read more]

What to know about Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga

Physical needs for a healthy pregnancy and post-pregnancy body are very different than they are before you are pregnant.Did you know that yoga for the prenatal body can help you prepare for a drastically easier birthing experience? Did you know you are more prone to overstretching and injury with life-long repercussions when you are pregnant and even after delivery of your baby for up to 18 months? Don’t settle for non-specific yoga and public classes that open you to life-long injuries!

Baby Love (TM) baby massage classes

There are so many benefits to baby massage! Increased health and muscle tone for baby, bonding between you and your baby, better sleep and digestion, better lymphatic flow and more! [Read more]

Mentoring for Yoga Teachers

DeLora has inspired many teachers with her unique style and approach to teaching. If you would like to learn more about how to teach like DeLora, click here!

Yoga Teacher Training

Read about DeLora’s yoga training for existing and new yoga teachers here!