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Hillcountryoga Austin Texas - Shamanic Services and Offerings

DeLora Frederickson brings her 20+ years of shamanic and spiritual world to the family and birth community, offering a range of classes and workshops to help you bring Spirit into the experience of family, childbirth, and self.

Call 512-775-3053 to arrange these services, or click here to learn more.

Prenatal Empowerment

  • Drum Journey to Greet Your Baby
    This is a 90-minute circle created to make space for you to journey inward and get to know your baby.  Even before birth babies have consciousness.  Connect with this deeper essence from yourself to your baby with drumming, journey work and journaling. There will be time set aside to share your journey with the circle if you choose to.
  • Drum and Rattle Journey to Meet Your Birth Guide
    This two-hour workshop helps you gather your power for your birth. Clear your energy with ancient shamanic practices including smudging, rattling, and drumming. Learn to journey to drumming so you can meet your birth guide and gather your birthing tools. Journal to build strong bonds to this experience so you can utilize it in the future for your birth. Release anything stealing your power so you can enter your birthing time balanced and ready. During this two-session workshop, you will create your own Laborynth, a map of your birthing time. This will be your interactive template to healing. 
  • Power Animal Retrieval
    A one-hour private session designed for you to heal and regain your power for birth.  You will learn deep relaxation techniques to be utilized while I journey and bring your power animal back to you.  We will then work with your power animal to build strong alliances for your birthing time.
  • Sacred Tribe Circles
    Monthly sister circles where we will drum and journey, preparing for the birthing time.  Each journey will have a different focus.
  • Divine Your Sacred Self
    A two-hour private session combining deep relaxation and divination to bring clarity to any muddiness lingering with you from previous experiences.  Fear can create blockages that can affect your birthing time.  These divination tools can assist in releasing, clarifying and opening your true self for your birthing time.
  • Two Becoming One
    A two-hour workshop for couples to journey together and deepen your connections in preparation to welcome your new soul into the world.  You will reaffirm your love for each other and the new baby with journeying, spontaneous writing, and breathwork.

Postnatal Empowerment and Healing

  • Journey Back Into Your Birth
    Did your birth experience happen like you wanted it to? Some women come away from their birthing time unsatisfied or even traumatized. This circle is a starting point to heal these places of unease or disharmony. You will work with shamanic journeying, art, empowerment, and journaling to access your own deepest self. You will not be telling your birth story, but will create memory markers to work with. 

Ceremonies Offered

  • Blessingway for Momma
  • Welcoming Baby
    This is a baby naming ceremony for family and community.
  • Grief Circle for the Loss of a Baby
    Whether your heart is aching from a miscarriage or the loss of a child, this ceremony is for you. We honor your loss, grieve with you, and help you begin to move toward healing.

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