Placenta Preparation

Hillcountryoga Austin TX - Placenta preparation fresh or encapsulated, can be home delivered in many cases

DeLora offers placenta preparation services to include both fresh prep and encapsulation. Whether you have your baby at home, in a birth center, or in a hospital, DeLora can prepare your placenta for you.

The prepared placenta is delivered promptly to you in a gift bag and when possible includes the cord that connected you to your baby, preserved in a heart shape that many mothers will cherish for a very long time. DeLora adds prayers and blessings to each placenta as she prepares it.

Cost for fresh or encapsulation prep is $200 when delivered locally and paid in cash upon delivery.

Online purchases are $210 ($10 processing fee)

If you are out of the Austin area, DeLora can encapsulate your placenta and ship it to you quickly for $220.

Hill Country Yoga - Placenta Services

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