Placenta Services

Hill Country Yoga and Mama Medicine - placenta preparation and encapsulationDeLora offers placenta preparation services to include both fresh prep and encapsulation. Whether you have your baby at home, in a birth center, or in a hospital, DeLora can prepare your placenta for you.

The prepared placenta is delivered promptly to you in a gift bag and when possible includes the cord that connected you to your baby, preserved in a heart shape that many mothers will cherish for a very long time. DeLora adds prayers and blessings to each placenta as she prepares it.

Cost for fresh or encapsulation prep is $200 when delivered locally and paid in cash upon delivery.

Online purchases are $210 ($10 processing fee)

If you are out of the Austin area, DeLora can encapsulate your placenta and ship it to you quickly for $220.

Hill Country Yoga - Placenta Services


About Placentophagy

The placenta is an organ a mom grows during pregnancy which belongs to both her and her baby. It contains both the mother’s and the baby’s blood and acts as a barrier separating the mom and baby. The placenta transfers oxygen and nutrients from the mom’s body to the baby, picking and choosing what it draws from the mother as the baby needs it.

In many western countries the placenta is considered medical waste once the baby is delivered, but in reality it contains a lot of hormones and nutrients that weren’t used during the pregnancy a mother of a newborn could really use. If only you could re-absorb those rich nutrients!

Well, you can! The practice of placentophagy is becoming increasingly more common throughout Europe, the US and Canada. Placentophagy is the re-absorption of the nutrients and hormones through the digestive tract. Yep, I’m talking about ingesting your placenta.

If you’re a little grossed out, I’ll let you in on a couple of spoilers: 1) almost every other mammal on the planet does it, 2) unlike most mammals, you don’t have to ingest it all at once, and 3) you can have it dried, ground, and encapsulated into pills.

If this whole idea is new to you, read on.

Benefits of Placentophagy

Balances your Hormones

After you birth your baby, you birth the placenta. When you do, you lose access to many of the useful hormones produced during pregnancy, many of which are contained in that placenta! It takes months to regenerate those hormones….unless you ingest your placenta in small doses. This helps your body resume a natural hormonal balance that you really need after you give birth.

Decreases the Incidence of Postpartum Depression

Even women who have no history of depression are candidates for postpartum depression (PPD). Iron-deficiency is one contributing factor for postpartum depression and your placenta is rich in natural iron. But iron deficiency isn’t the only reason for PPD. Hormonal imbalance, iron deficiency, a lack of B6 and more all contribute. Again, your placenta is rich in naturally produced B6, which is often used to treat depression.

Increases Energy and Speeds Postnatal Healing

The iron, proteins, hormones and other nutrients found in the ingested placenta increase your energy and help you heal faster.

Reduce Postpartum Bleeding

For generations midwives have given women a small portion of the placenta to help control bleeding both during and after childbirth. Ingesting small amounts of your placenta, whether you choose to do that in encapsulated pill form or frozen and blended into a berry smoothie, will give you those same benefits, lessening bleeding and promoting uterine healing after the birth of your child.

Promotes Healthy Breastmilk Production

Your placenta contains, in addition to other hormones, human placental lactogen and prolactin. These prepare your mammary glands and stimulate milk production so you can feed your new baby.

Still not convinced? Here’s a great link to a research site that provides a lot of studies for you to read.