DeLora’s Sleep Coaching

Whomever coined the term “sleep like a baby” probably didn’t have one! Sure, some families are blessed by infants, babies, and children who sleep through the night, but so many families have children who have a difficult time getting to sleep and/or staying asleep.

Hill Country Yoga Austin Texas and Austin Gentle Sleep Coach

DeLora was trained by Kim West, the Sleep Lady. DeLora’s method for sleep coaching gives parents and caregivers the skills they need to teach their kids to self-soothe and get to sleep.

Want to explore more? DeLora has been helping Austin families get better sleep for years!

First thing…purchase Good Night Sleep Tight by Kim West.  Read the first few chapters and then the chapter on your baby’s age.  Start keeping a sleep log.  Track how long your baby sleeps AND how long they are awake.  This is important information to start with when thinking about sleep training.

Next schedule an appointment with DeLora to review your family’s needs and to make a sleep coaching plan.  The process she utilizes takes just over 2 weeks.

Appointments last 1 hour and are $75

Packages run from $400-$600 for continuous support during your coaching period.


Call her at 512-775-3053

or email her at to get started.