Fit Splints for Prenatal and Postnatal Moms

Prenatal Fit Splints

Hill Country Yoga Austin Texas - Maternity Fit SplintPregnancy changes the shape and center of gravity of your body. This can result in back and hip pain and bladder challenges as your organs shift around in your body to make room for the baby. Additionally, your body begins to produce relaxin, a hormone which helps ligamentous tissues in your body less tight. This allows your hips to shift to make room for the birth of the baby and it helps open your cervix to let the baby out when it’s time. But relaxin doesn’t just limit itself to the lower abdominal area. It affects all of your tissues. That means your body is more prone to over-stretching both during the pregnancy and up to 18 months afterwards. This is one reason that many women have diastasis recti after pregnancy.

If you are an active person, it will benefit you to give your body extra support during pregnancy so that you can avoid lasting injuries. One of the best ways to support your body is by using a Fit Splint. The Fit Splint feels more like athletic tape than a binding device. It helps support your back, belly, bladder, and hips.

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Postnatal Fit Splints

You’ve probably talked to women (or maybe you are one) who just can’t get rid of that “baby belly,” no matter how much exercise they (or you) do. That just might be due to diastasis recti, the separation between the abdominal muscles. The abdominal muscles, when toned on a lean body are what we call the “six-pack abs.”

The red part of the illustration represents the muscle tissue. The white part in between the red is connective tissue. The connective tissue at the center line is called the linea alba. This tissue stretches during pregnancy to make room for your baby and often has difficulty shrinking back into that thin line you see in the illustration.

When it cannot shrink back this is called diastasis recti, leaving a gap between the abdominal muscles that wasn’t there before. Aggressive exercises that women are often encouraged to do after pregnancy (like crunches, sit-ups, weight lifting, running, etc.) actually make it worse! This can encourage back pain and abdominal discomfort.

This is where the Fit Splint comes in. The Fit Splint pulls the abdominal muscles together without restricting range of motion or breathing.

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