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Hill Country Yoga, Austin Texas - DeLora FredericksonHill Country Yoga is about more than yoga. It’s about passion. I’m DeLora Frederickson, and my mission in this life is to provide opportunities for transformation and empowerment for women, children, and families. I believe we all have an intuitive knowledge within ourselves to find our path. I believe we all want to connect to spirit, that we want to love and be loved, to connect. I create sacred space for you to step into and to find your true self, that inner strength, and light that we all carry.

I offer services to help you find that path, that light, and to empower you to step into your True Self. Some of us need help on a physical level, some on a spiritual level, some on an energetic level.

If you would like to book a private appointment with me for yoga, yoga therapy (therapeutic movement), private birth education classes, or yoga teacher mentoring, please give me a call at